Prue's Story

Lone Star might be based in a sleepy outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia but the idea blossomed right in the heart of Texas!

​Way back, ya know before the pandemic, Prue and her Pitmaster husband Kit were working on bringing the true Texan experience of American Barbecue to Melbourne. Their restaurant or should I say Joint, as its more affectionally known, called Houston's Barbecue (which is their surname, fitting right!) opened in 2019 after the couple found great success operating out of a Food Truck.

During that time, they had visited Texas and within moments fell in love with its unforgettable charm, music and people.

Even though they live on the outskirts of a large Australian city, Texas had stolen Prue's heart, and wouldn't let go. So what else was this urban cowgirl filled with wild Texan spirit and authentic Aussie attitude to do...?

Well, she opens a boutique called Lone Star and explores her long-time love of western fashion.

So far, it's been a crazy, fun ride where Prue has loved the experience of building up an amazing Cowgirl community, hosting epic Live Selling events, attending Markets, styling photoshoots, and who can forget all those Reels!

Oh and let's not forget the thoughtfully curated and trendy collections of Wild West women’s clothing and accessories. From graphic tees serving up a lil’ country sass, creating a 'Made for Cowgirls' tanning range called Sunkissed Cowgirl, or her stunning fashion Turquoise accessories to complete any outfit right through to the gorgeous Gypsy Dreams Collection and her memorable Vegas Cowgirl Collection, Neon Nights. 

Blonde woman wearing a cowboy hat smiling next to a printed graphic dress

In March 2022, Prue made the huge move to printing her own apparel in house. This was a game changer for Lone Star! As it now offers premium, and totally awesome print on demand graphic tees, sweatshirts and dresses.

Lone Star includes a Wholesale and Custom printing service as well as a monthly t-shirt subscription with one off exclusive designs, called The Cowgirl Club. 

So let’s be friends y’all!!

Please feel free to jump on our socials and stay in touch.

Thank you so much for shopping small and keeping this gal’s dream alive.